Does a business need a web presence?

In this century, every business whether small or large need to have an online presence. Online presence could be a website, social media page or eCommerce platform. But, businesses benefit more when three are integrated together. Having a website is a must-have in this era of technology.

The benefit outweighs its costs in this digital age:

Business Credibility | Aunthencity:

Customers expect to search your business name and see it there. Failure to do so, the customers will question the authenticity of the business. Therefore, you could be losing out on the opportunity presented by online presence such as widening the customer base and increase in sales.

A study conducted by the Verisign reported that 84% of consumers assume that small businesses that have a web presence are more credible than others. The same goes to the company-branded email which the customers prefer than the Gmail,, AOL or Yahoo mail. One question for you? How about your competitors having a website and it is only you that doesn’t.

Business Relatability:

Online presence enables the business to build a relationship with the customers and also attracts new customers. The online presence gives your business a voice and customers know where to get you if there is a need to communicate with the brand.


An online presence gives you the opportunity to showcase the business products and services online. Taking advantage of the world populations that are searching for products and services per second. Without the online presence, you are limiting your business of benefiting of the online customers.


The website gives you the opportunity to market your brand. Website and other online presence are the most cost-effective methods of sending out information to thousands of people. The website presence enhances the online marketing of the business because you have an edge to connect to your existing customers and potential customers. Having a website will be easy for you and your customers to share your website with their peers.

Website Analytics:

Website nowadays serves as a marketing and analytics tool which provides real-time data about the following:

-How many visitors per day | monthly | yearly | which country?

-Which of the web page is most visited?

-How much time do they spend on each page?

-How frequently visitors return to your website?

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